Monday, October 8, 2012

Improve, enhance & unlock your creative noggin with Gravograph's ADA compliant systems

Known for engraving systems that specialize in ADA compliance, Gravograph’s complete systems make it easy to get started in creating signage that meets these specific regulations. These ADA signage systems start with an engraver, such as the IS8000 rotary, then bundles in GravoStyle™ Engraving software and ADA compliant Raster Braille (multi-language) capabilities.  When an optional mounting bracket is added, the Raster Braille insertion becomes automated, making it even easier to meet ADA regulations.

An ADA compliant bundle includes: Raster Braille licenses, Raster insertion dispenser, cutters, specialized tools, the 140 page “How to make great-looking Interior Signage” manual (with instructions, samples and regulatory resources), and a collection of popular, easy start, pre-defined job saves.

Raster Braille can be integrated into a wide range of substrates.  From soft materials, such as GravoTac™ plastic—a two layer material designed specifically for Braille applications – up to, and including, hard materials, such as stainless steel and tempered glass.

Gravostyle™ software is capable of piloting both lasers and engravers/routers from a single job layout. High production shops can team engraver/router tables with laser engravers, such as the LS900 (CO2 laser) using the same computer, with seamless registration.  This capability increases productivity, creative options and the ability to flame cut finished acrylic components.

Gravograph’s full line of laser and rotary engravers, design software, engraving accessories and materials, simplifies the entire signage process. By adding in the ADA capabilities, sign businesses can truly be complete sign providers.

 To learn more, call +61/29684 2400, visit, and see our demonstrations on YouTube at GravographAustralia.