Thursday, July 21, 2016

UC500 Wizard Tips

When using a Technifor or Propen micro-percussion machine you need to know how to navigate through the software on the UC500 control box. There is one special tool that can make your life easier, the Wizard. 

This Wizard helps the user in finding the coordinates of a marking block.
This function key is available for:

  • Linear
  • Radial
  • DataMatrix
  • Logo
  • Line
  • Circle
If you press F6 while in a radial marking block, you have access to a screen similar to the F3 ( Stylus movement ) screen. The firmware allows to move the stylus and to acquire 3 sets of (x,y) coordinates along the circle on which the marking is to be positioned. The first coordinate sets the beginning of the marking.

It then calculates the center and the radius of the circle, the start angle, and puts them back in the block parameters.


It allows the user to find radius and center when they are not known, especially with big parts and/or when the center of the circle is not in the marking area.

Happy Marking!