Monday, March 18, 2013

20 new videos for you!

Wow! We just got done editing all the great footage from The Tim & Tom Show. For the past two months we've been trying this TechShow idea with the hopes of answering your questions and giving you some great engraving knowledge. And it's been working. And a lot of fun!

However, if you missed the past shows, don't fret - they're now all spliced, diced and ready for viewing on our GravoGraph YouTube Channel! Here are some of our favorite videos:

How to schedule a tune-up

How to reset the origin on the IS400

Images and Logos in LaserStyle with the LS100

We could post so many more... but that'd be a long blog post. Check out the entire collection here.

Oh, and hope to see you at the next Tim & Tom Show on Wednesday, April 10th!