Monday, April 8, 2013

How to load upgrade codes into GravoStyle™

So, it's a Friday here at Gravograph - a perfect time to wrap up projects, start thinking about the weekend and get a lot of calls asking about how to load upgrade codes into GravoStyle™.

Wait - really? Update codes in GravoStyle™? 

Absolutely. Fridays are one of our busiest tech call days and one question that we get a lot: How do I load upgrade codes into my GravoStyle™ software? 

Well - we're going to tell you. After that, rest easy and think no more... start focusing on more pressing items. Leave the tough decisions for Monday.

How to Load Upgrade Codes into GravoStyle™

Determining your GravoStyle™ Version
Before upgrading the options or version of your current GravoStyle™ you will need to provide your sales representative with the following information (Note: This process is the same for our laser and rotary versions of GravoStyle™). Click on the small black question mark “?” located at the top left or top right of GravoStyle™ (depending on the version you’re currently running), then click “About”
 orGravostyle Software
A window will open containing all the information about your GravoStyle™ level and options. Click the Print button.
Gravostyle Software
The information in the window will be opened in your default text editing program such as Notepad or Microsoft Word. You’ll need to save and email this file to your local sales representative in order for him or her to process the correct upgrade request.

Once you receive the upgrade codes from a Gravotech representative you can then proceed to the next paragraph.

Loading Upgrade Codes into GravoStyle™
If you’re upgrading an older version of GravoStyle™, make sure you've already installed the new version before proceeding.

Once your GravoStyle™ upgrade has been processed, you’ll be emailed an upgrade file whose filename will be similar to G5FicRegrog_xxxxxx_00x.LUC.

Save this file from your email onto your computer and open GravoStyle™. If you’re upgrading to a new GravoStyle™ version a popup window with the following message will appear. Click OK, the About window will then open.
If you’re upgrading the level or options of an existing GravoStyle™ version then open the About window as mentioned earlier then click Automatic License.
A window will open so you can browse to the location you saved the upgrade file to. Choose the file and click Open.
A popup window will appear that says Success, click OK.
Congratulations, you’re ready to use your new GravoStyle™ version and/or upgraded features!

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